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Do I Really Need An Agent?

May 25, 2015

Do I Really Need An Agent?

"There's a reason why over 90% of sellers use a listing agent. Selling a home takes time, knowledge of neighbourhood trends and negotiating skills. So while eliminating the agent's commission sounds mighty tempting, try to resist.

The agent's primary tasks are to help set the right price and get buyers in the door. Agents have access to the most-up-to-date information about recent sales and competing listings in the neighbourhood. This is fluid and in a state of constant change. The market shifts daily and it's the agent's duty to keep abreast of these changes.

A good agent will also market your home aggressively to achieve total market exposure, both locally and internationally. The individual marketing strategies will vary greatly so it is paramount to investigate the unique strategy of the agent and their respective brokerage. 

Once the buyer has been found, the agent will negotiate counter-offers, track the paperwork, and put forward the most favourable offer for their client. Although the information age has empowered both buyers and sellers alike, it would be naive to think the role of a Realtor has been eliminated. Only a fool has him/herself for a client."

– Matt Smith, Sales Representative, with FHRE Yorkville.


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