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New PULL App Makes Business Cards Obsolete

October 19, 2016

New PULL App Makes Business Cards Obsolete

By Marina Vykhodtseva


If you like networking and making contacts but struggle to get business cards or can’t find the ones you have, then the PULL App may be for you. PULL is especially great for business professionals and downloading this handy application basically means you’ll never have to collect a business card again.

If you have ever attended an event and missed your opportunity to collect someone’s information, or simply left a business card behind then you’ll be really happy with the simplicity of PULL.

To use PULL simply download the application, then activate it on your phone and leave it on. Anytime you are near another PULL user, new contacts will be suggested. Do not fear, numerous contacts will not be added automatically, you do have to be within a certain radius for a specific amount of time to receive suggestions. Both parties also have to authorize each other so that the contact may be added. Side note, if someone asks to add you and you choose not to, they will never know. So a future run in will not be embarrassing. PULL is also cloud based so if contacts change their phone number it will also be updated in your contacts.

To download the PULL app, go to: pullapp.com/go


Happy Networking!

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